The beautiful butterfly wallpaper

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    10 Mayıs 2016
    Butterfly is a winged insects, mollusks. In the body and wings often have different colors depending on the pigment, color harmony together to create extremely sophisticated pattern beautiful, it is a work of nature presents to us . However, not always pretty butterflies and pretty as you think. Butterfly is the result of the pupa. Butterflies have many different colors, depending on where the color will be different. The colors of butterfly wings are constantly changing. Their goal is to attract mates and camouflage to avoid dangerous predators.

    The color of the butterflies are created from thousands of tiny scales, which are stacked. Sometimes it is also colored particles, but in normal circumstances, the surface creates this flake can refract light, thus colored butterflies constantly changing, sparkling on the go. Often the bottom is gray or brown colorful different from above. The ugly color will be used to disguise when its wings folded. This will help it hunt down escaped the eyes of birds and other pests. Colorful has an important influence on the lives of butterflies.

    Here his lot synthetic diversity wallpaper beautiful butterfly in shape and color, you are spoiled for reference, discovery and learning serve as decoration for your computer screen becomes close to nature more natural.

    These images: beautiful butterfly with wings attach transparent camouflage butterfly shape extremely unique foliage, purple blue butterfly - the butterfly of fidelity, butterflies with wings like golden autumn leaves or the colorful butterfly will definitely screen shield for your phone or your computer more vivid.

    Today Black wallpaper for pc Black wallpaper for pc will giving you a collection of the most beautiful butterfly wallpaper. You can freely choose the wallpaper you like the most to as the wallpaper of your computer. To have more beautiful wallpaper please visit here Hd wallpapers


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